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ONGC is thankful for the warm public response it has received towards its Start-Up initiative.

The application process for 13th round of selection for Startups has been closed on 30 of September, 2023. The notification of opening Apply now node for receiving application for next round of selection under ONGC Start-Up Initiative will be intimated shortly.


If you have an idea worth taking forward

let us fuel that for you

Note : 1. All fields are mandatory. 2.Please do not use special characters from 'Microsoft Word' only keyboard characters are allowed. 3.For Uploading the documents please click upload file tab. 4.For D.3 downlaod the blank format of presentation fill it and upload it. 5.There is no save option. So please keep the data handy while Filling the apllication.
A. Company Information:

A.2 Registration Information :

A.6 Turnover in Rs Crores for last five years of the Company
A.7 Confirm that company / entity has not been formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence

B. Founders Information:

B.10 Do you have a founder's agreement in place?     
B.11 Do the founders require Incubation Support?     
B.12 If Yes to B.11, are the Founders agreeable to Incubation Support in Noida / Delhi NCR    
B.13 Identity Proof for each Founder (Aadhar/PAN/Voter ID Card etc.)
B.14 Are you a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)?    
B.15 Any pending criminal cases against founders? If yes, provide details.
B.16 Are any of the founders blacklisted by Government of India, any state government, any PSU or government authority, any incubation center/knowledge center?.
B.17 Are any of the founders current or former employees of ONGC/ any of its related entities?.
B.18 Are any of the founders related to any current or former employees of ONGC/any of its related entities. If yes, details of such employee of ONGC.
C. Idea & Area of Business:
C.1 What sector does your idea/ startup belong to :
C.3 Please describe the product you are developing, in a non-confidential manner:

D. Existing Investors if any

E. Prepare one presentation in attached given format and upload the same.
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