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A. Company Information:
A.1 Name of company (Start-ups which are Not-for-profit are not eligible)
A.2 Registration Information :
i) Place of registration
ii) Date of Registration and Registration no.
A.3 E-mail, website
A.4 Mobile Number
A.5 Office Address
A.6 Turnover in Rs Crores for last five years of the Company
i) Turnover for 2019 - 20
ii) Turnover for 2018 - 19
iii) Turnover for 2017 - 18
iv) Turnover for 2016 - 17
v) Turnover for 2015 - 16
A.7 Confirm that company / entity has not been formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence
B. Founders Information:
B.1 Name of founders
B.2 Nationality
B.3 LinkedIn profile/ Website URL
B.4 Email
B.5 Mobile
B.6 Address
B.7 How long have the founders known one another? How did they come together? B.8 What are the domains of expertise of the team members?
B.9 Do you have a founder's agreement in place?        
B.10 Can the founders be in Noida / Delhi NCR       
B.11 Identity proof (To be submitted later)
C. Idea & Area of Business:
C.1 What sector does your idea/ startup belong to :
• Select Category
• Briefly describe sector on which your idea/ startup belong to
C.2 Why did you choose this idea? What is the need you are addressing for your end user?  
C.3 Please describe the product you are developing, in a non-confidential manner:
i) Technology
ii) Who will use your product?
iii) Who will pay for your product/service?
iv) What is the market price of your product/service?
v) Do you have intellectual property right (IPR) of your own covering your product concept? If then what is it?
vi) Do you have freedom to operate (with respect to intellectual property) in India?
C.4 What is the current status of your product?
C.5 Briefly describe the market for your product, trend and size
C.6 Who are your competitors, how are you different, competitive advantage and who might be a potential competitor?
C.7 Provide a link to short video demo/slide deck with photos describing of your product
C.8 How much money have you raised from external investors till date, if any?
C.9 Why do you want to attend this program?
C.10 How did you hear about us?